Removing pages from the Google index

In cases where a page has been deleted (moved) or the content on the page is of a technical nature and should not be included in search results, there is a need to remove the pages from the index.
To remove a URL from the index, you can use several methods:

1. Using the "NoIndex" meta tag.
This tag should be inserted into the HTML code of the page you want to remove from the index, and it should be placed within the <head> section of the page. Here's an example of how to use it:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

This meta tag informs search engines not to index the page and is a common way to exclude specific pages from search results. It's essential to place it correctly within the HTML code of the page you want to de-index for it to work effectively.
2. Using the robots.txt file
The file is placed in the root directory. By using the 'Disallow' directive, you can disable the possibility of indexing a page or directory.
For example, if you want to prevent indexing of a specific directory, you can include the following line in your robots.txt file:
Disallow: /directory-name/

Or, if you want to exclude a specific page, you can specify its URL:
Disallow: /path-to-page.html

Keep in mind that while this method can prevent search engines from indexing your content, it doesn't guarantee that your content will be completely removed from search results. It's more of a directive for search engines, and they may still retain some information about the page. To completely remove a page from the index, using the "NoIndex" meta tag or other methods might be necessary.

3. Request for Temporary Removal in Google Search Console.
It is possible to exclude a URL from Google Search results and remove the current description of the page and its cached version (which will be re-created after the next scan). URLs will disappear from Search for six months.
4. Using the Fast Indexing Service
You can submit a request to remove a list of URLs from the index using the Fast Indexing service. The basic limit is up to 2000 pages per day.
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