Pricing and Calculations in the System
All calculations in the system are carried out using the internal currency called 'coins.' Coins are sold in packages, and you can review them below. The more expensive the package, the lower the cost of one coin.

The price for requesting status, submission for indexing, or deletion of one URL is 1 coin.


Top up amount:
Number of coins: 100
To submit 100 URLs to Google for indexing, you will need 100 coins. For instance, with 20 USD, you can submit 10,000 URLs for indexing within 5 days.

* If you are unsure about choosing the optimal package size, please write to us in the chat or contact support
Assess the service's capabilities - get 100 coins as a gift upon registration!
This offer is available only once,
so you can assess the effectiveness of the service
If your project requires sending large volumes of URLs or an increase in daily limits,
please contact our support team
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