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About the service

The Fast Indexing service is designed to speed up sending a list of site pages for scanning to Google. Allows you to quickly apply the changes made on the site to the search results and speeds up the process of search engine SEO optimization of the site.

Regardless of whether you are a novice blogger or an experienced SEO specialist, you know how important it is to get into the Google index.

When creating sites with a large number of pages, Google is very reluctant to index pages, even when sending a Sitemap in the Google Search Console account, and adding pages to manual indexing via the "Request indexing" button is accompanied by limits (no more than 10 pages per day) and a captcha.

Sending speed

With a site volume of 10 000 pages, sending pages for scanning will take:

  • from 670 days

    Sending manually via Google Search Console
  • 5 days

    Sending via Fast Indexing service
When the service is useful
In which cases there is a need to speed up the process of sending site pages for scanning:
  • 90%
    When creating
    a new site, if the ting site
    has more than 1 page
  • 70%
    When adding
    new sections, pages of goods, services, articles
  • 55%
    When updating
    the text content or the structure of the site
  • 85%
    When transferring
    a site to a new CMS, if the URLs of the pages change
In which cases the service will NOT help:
  • 75%
    In the presence of technical errors
    Problems with the availability of the site, server, problems in the structure of the site, response codes other than 200, blocking the site for robots, etc.
  • 90%
    If the content of the pages is of poor quality
    This includes copy paste from other sites, automatically created content, duplicates of pages, etc.
  • 66%
    If the subject violates Google's policy
    Dangerous, offensive content, hate-provoking, misleading, media manipulation, etc.
  • 45%
    If there are
    indexing errors
    In the event that the errors identified in the Google Search Console have not been eliminated
Site quality
The ranking of the site in Google is improving
New content is indexed
several times faster
Traffic growth
The quality of traffic is growing due to the relevance of information
Place in the issue
The opportunity to bypass competitors
and take the TOP 10
The service is suitable for websites
all over the world
Minimum costs
The cost of the service is less than 5%
of the budget for promotion
Stages of work
Indexing Analysis
The analysis of the number of pages in Google is carried out, the need for page scanning is assessed
Registration in the service
At this stage, an account is created, a project is added and the Owner's access to the Google Search Console is granted
Evaluation of the result
After 5-10 days in the Google Search Console interface, you will be able to see the dynamics by the status of the sent pages of the site
If necessary, you can resend the pages. If indexing has not occurred, it is important to analyze the reasons and eliminate errors on the site
They work with us
Evaluate the possibilities of the service - 100 coins as a gift at registration!
The offer is available only once, so that you
can verify the effectiveness of the service
What will it take to work?
  • OWNER'S rights in Google Search Console
    The "Owner" needs access to the Google Search Console, or you need to install the Google tag on the site if it has not been previously installed
  • List of pages for indexing
    List of new or modified pages to be sent for indexing
The service provides the ability to send pages to Google for scanning faster,
but does NOT guarantee 100% addition to the index of each sent page,
because Google reserves the final decision whether to take the pages to the index or not.

You can read more about this in the official documentation:
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