Indexing Statuses
After submitting pages for scanning and indexing, there are three possible reactions from Google:
1. Page Detected, Scanned, and Indexed

In this case, everything is fine, and the goal is achieved.

It is recommended to periodically check the number of indexed pages in Google Search Console, as pages may drop out of the index over time due to updates to Google's search system algorithms
2. Page Scanned but Not Indexed, or an Error Response Received

This often occurs, and the main reasons include:
  • Prohibition of indexing the site or section in the Robots file or meta tag.
  • Server response codes not being 200, but for example 301, 404, or 500 (indicating technical issues with page accessibility).
  • Canonical tags. In some cases, a non-existent page is specified, or the rule conflicts due to a looped canonicalization.
  • Content issues. Content is missing, not unique, or identified as spam by the search engine.
  • A large number of technical errors on the site and in the Google Search Console panel.
The article compiles key excerpts from Google's instructions regarding the indexing process.
3. Page Not Scanned

On some sites, even after multiple submissions, the page remains unknown to Google, and scanning does not occur.
From our perspective, this is related to the site's crawling budget, which is individually determined for each site at any given time. For example, with the same volume of submitted pages, a site may be scanned for 4000 pages one day and only 20 pages on another.

In this case, we recommend reducing the daily volume of submitted pages and trying to submit the pages again.
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