Adding a Project
After logging into the service, go to the "My Projects" section. Click on the "Create a New Project" button to add your project to the service.

To add a project, confirm the owner's rights to the website in Google Search Console. Click on the "Continue with Google Account" button and authorize with the Google account that has Owner access to the website you plan to add to the service:
If you have the access rights, after clicking "Continue with Google Account," you will see your project or a list of projects that you can add:
If you don't see the project you need in the dropdown list, check that you have owner rights to the account in Google Search Console
At this stage, it is important to check which version of the website you are adding—http or https, with or without www—because for Google, each version is considered a separate website, and you need to choose which version you will work with in terms of indexing
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